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Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Welcoming a new year is all about new beginnings, being healthy physically, mentally and emotionally, focusing all the positive things in life, and I’m ready for that J

In case no one told you today, you are amazing and have a good day!

Well, I felt like I just came back from Australia and then did my internship, finished my thesis plus graduated my bachelor degree. And now we’ll going to hit 2019. Wow that’s a wrap, everything went by so fast.

2018 is totally a magical year and it has been a great year for me. I am grateful beyond words to pass all the ups and downs.

Here are my highlights of 2018: attended my very first concert, had an internship in a reputable company and surrounded by new positive environment that inspire my constant growth, celebrated my only one sister and stayed with her for a while. There is a video with a limited skill of editing, attached to recap my entire journey in Jakarta when I had my internship. Cheers!



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