• Aloddya

Just... Talk.

Updated: Feb 24

Yep, talk. It’s one thing I love. Whether talking to myself or people. I feel better once I talk. People who talk to themselves aren’t crazy, I found that talking to yourself helps you to clarify things and boost your confidence.

I try to listen to other people as much as I love to talk to others. Let myself be available if someone need my ears to listen and mouth to give em advice. You could possibly find a solution through discussion. 

No matter how you feel today, you're not alone, There is always someone out there for you. Instead of getting depressed, there are people you can talk to.There are people that can help you weather this storm and lay your burden down. You may feel that no one could possibly understand your suffering. But there are people that can relate to your experience, and you are not alone.

Sometimes you have to reach out instead of waiting to be reached. Be blessed xx



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