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Youth is always pretty. In my opinion, I can’t agree more. Too pretty ‘till I didn’t realize a fact that time flies so fast and my youth period is almost over. Right after graduation, I simply question myself, what’s next. Some people suggested me to face the reality, and that’s the fact where I don’t even know what is my reality. Some may get a graduate job, some become self-employed, pursue postgraduate study, and others may take a gap year. Nothing’s wrong with all of that, coz everyone has their own path and purpose of life. For me, I’m still discovering what will work best for me, what is my passion. The idea of moving abroad suddenly came across my mind at the moment, yet I know it won’t happen since I couldn’t bear to leave my beloved family. I put a lot of efforts just to find out what I want do for my future. I was stumbling looking in the dark as there was no way out. I struggled so deeply to understand what my goals, my threats to make it happen. Most importantly, I was busy calming my racing heart and telling myself I’m okay. As time flies, I realized and learnt that it is what it is and let it be done according to His will. Then I decided to discover myself more and broaden my knowledge abroad, only if this is something worth fighting over. One thing for sure is I know this soul of mine will never break and everywhere I go, I’ll be fruitful and my heart will always be with my fams. And for everyone out there who still figures out what your passion is, hang on there, don’t give up, trust the process and your bright future is going to find you just in time. And here are some of my graduation photos...

Thank you for visiting my blog and hope it will inspire, stay tune for the next post.



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